Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Antara Dua Dunia


My busy Weekend!

Today is Sunday, yesterday i go to visit site at Damansara. Damn tired.Like seriously lama tak update blog hishh, slalo cakap nak jdi blogger la sgt, tapi takde write up ape pon huhu.Serius busy gile sejak tukar tempat kerja ni. I have many things to share with u guys, good place to eat! to Hang out! chilling! spending the rest of saki baki single time with beloved friends.

To be honest, i am writing this blog during shooting in "Antara Dua Dunia" drama 13 Episod. Scene Jadi staff Office, no dialoque ( so boring :( ) . But because i feel free, so i just go. hahaha... Di sebabkan scene office, so i have to pretend doing some work. Bahahahahaaa, acting to be a good worker, padahal typing blog. :D

I don't really do acting much since i have another 10 months to my Big Day. So now focus more to my career as a new position .( Design Architect ). And do some modelling Photoshoot just for fun and marketing  for future bussines
( hobby ).


At the same time, i am promoting my AWA basic Shawls  ( AWA by Aleza Wan Ali ) as well. huhuhu... That is why, ade je peluang dapat job, i pergi, sementara tgh tak berapa nak busy lagi kan. Yup Yup Yup!!! Lepas ni boleh promote baju-baju AWA ke, shawls AWA ke. Apa-apa saja lah. ( Hashtag #supportmembersikit )

Antara Dua Dunia , hurmm i don't really know about the story. Well like i said, i don't have dialoque, but i'm happy because lucky meeting Dato Jalalludin Hassan ( which was my fiance relative [he said la ] ) hahaha. Ada Izzue Islam and his wife , Nad Zainal, Natasya Fify, Aunty Syima. Owh ya, Izzue Islam and his wife such a lovely couple. Always together!!!. Comel jek! :D

So, i like to share a few pictures with u guys. 


Dato Jalalludin Hassan

Natasya Fify

Aunty Syima

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