Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hoiii!!!!!Began with a lot of Spirit!!!

HHooiiii every buddy!!

yeahh as usually i dun know what to write,
I'm quite lazy today, u know,i like to write a blog, but since my camera had lost...
i have no mood to write a new story bcoz...i cannot upload a new picture looo..LOL

hahh~~~ very dissapointed,u know,
i now i look like hello my muke-so-bajet kecewa with no camera=noob ... :p :P

huhu, like who care...daaa (sambil tgn kew bahu mata jeling ke atas)....:P

haha,no idea but just wanna u guys look some picture of my life...daaaa

hooii!!! this is da pic of me doing a site visit at putrajaya with ma classmate.               

at my back is bee

front=ninie,are-da, me like crazy, bee,zue....hahaha

owh my godness!!who is she up there...hahaha looks green right...LOve nature!!!

Well,u know sopmetimes i can be like hui hui muke bajet prasan model of da ball I guess..:P

Killi bayang at da front..ko xmalu kew killi...????

Orait thats me with my crazy bajet poyo da bom bom bee!!! hahaha

owh my!!! just can only said how 'prasan' i am..hahaha!!!

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